Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Items in Shop

These mason jar tart warmers come in two sizes, quart and pint and are awesome! They went fast the last time we had them in the shop!

This adorable tin tartwarmer looks like and outhouse! Its a cutie with lil moons cut out on all sides it would make a great night light in your privy!

These prim paper towel holders were just painted and primmed by Terry today! Several colors and styles!

We just received a shipment of framed artwork and as you can see we haven't even had time to hang them yet!
Some are requested favorites and some are new discovery's!

This little lady is too sweet! She would be great to add to anyone's miniature collection or mini village!

This sampler with a quote from Abe Lincoln is awesome!!!!

These real Mason jars with soap pumps are going fast already!

Just arrived today from Tammy our doll maker and they are adorable and hand stitched too!

This hand painted snowman window from Tina is awesome!

This beautiful table was made by Danny for a custom order and it is gorgeous. The new owner was thrilled!!!!

We call this lil lady Molly Primwald! What a handmade cutie from Tammy!

This bench was made by Tony and made from 100 year old timbers taken from an old coal company house. Its made from oak, spruce and hemlock! Heavy weight too!

The handmade snowman pillow and runner above are from Tammy too!

The framed slate chalkboard was handcrafted and it arrived this week too!
There are so many more items that have arrived I cant even begin to share them all with you!
You just have to stop in and soon!


Gen said...

Everything looks great!

Deb said...

Thanks Gen!

Good to hear from you!


Tina said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just want to shop!!

Deb said...


Come back home and shop!!! We will save you some!!!