Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What A LUCKY/BLESSED Knucklehead I Am

So today while going through my normal morning routine I made a cup of coffee to take along to work with me. This sounds innocent enough so far right? Well along with picking up my purse, the bank deposit bag for the shop, my digital camera and a wire basket for my desk I picked up the coffee cup (which I normally don't pick up) and headed out the door.

After stepping into the garage and locking the door to the house I got in the car with my daughter and off to work I went. After arriving at work and unloading the car and watching her drive away I realized ... I was missing the wire basket with the camera and bank deposit bag in it that I had carried out of the house. I called my daughter and she searched the car...nothing...nadda....no bank bag or digital camera to be found....hmmm....strain my brain, think, think, think...where did I put it last it has my cash deposit in it for the shop ...think...think...think...????

I called my husband to let him know I had misplaced it and maybe... I tell him that maybe I had even left it in the garage or something like maybe... I had sat it on the car hood and it slid off on our sloped driveway.... maybe.....and I proceeded to open my shop and go on with my normal routine all the while straining my brain to remember where I had the camera and bank bag last....with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach over doing something so dumb....

About twenty minutes later a neighbor, one I've never even spoken to face to face walked into my shop...with my dirty scuffed up but intact bank bag in his hand....it seems I must have placed the basket carelessly on the top of the car ...oh my gosh... and proceeded to drive off with it on top of the car this morning...

My wonderfully honest neighbor saw it in the road a little ways from my house (out in the country I might add) and opened it looking for ID and found out it was mine and then drove an extra twenty minutes out of his way to bring it to me.....Wow how many people can say they have neighbors like that???? Thank you BUTCH !!!!!! What a wonderful man!

I thanked him profusely after overcoming my speechlessness for the first few seconds!!!! I told him I also lost my camera at the same time and he told me approximately where on our country road that he had found the bag so we would have an idea where to check for the camera. Thank you God for this blessing!!! This miracle!!!

So I call Hubs and he goes out to the area and takes a quick walk through on his lunch hour....no camera.....he checks again after he gets off from work....no camera...so I resign myself to the fact that the camera is gone.... and go on with my day at work.

After I close the shop for the day my daughter and I ride home together and she slows down as we enter the area Butch says the bag was in and we pull off...my daughter walks the ditch line and the culverts on both sides of the road just to give it one more chance....nothing.....

Just as we started to bring the car back up to speed I glance along the left side of the road up ahead at a string of white mailboxes...HANGING FROM ONE OF THE MAILBOXES...IS ...YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS......MY CAMERA...IN ITS CASE...TOTALLY INTACT.....NOTHING DAMAGED.....NOTHING MISSING......Oh my gosh does it get any better than this???

The mailbox it was attached to was Sheldon and Wendy's, relatives of Butch's even!!! How did it get there? How long had it been there??? Who put it there and when??? Who knows? Who found it? Who knows??? All I know is in my small rural community there are some amazing people who are a real blessing! And even though I growl about slick roads and my longer drive time to get out of the country in the mornings I have to say its sure a blessing to be surrounded by people like the Baileys!!! And I thank them for being such wonderful people.

Now I have to bake a cake or a pie or wash some cars or something wonderful and amazing to thank these wonderful folks!!! Got any suggestions?????

Thank you Lord for turning a sick to my stomach feeling day to another blessing from you!!!




Robby said...

Where do you live????? I would love to live there!!!! xxxRobby

Deb said...

LOL! You could get rich following me around!!! But you would be even more rich if you lived in my neaighborhood! I live in a rural area in WVA and we love the peace and quiet!