Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Smell Goods and Stuff

Today we received three, count them three new shipments of goodies!!!!

Some yummy smell goods, many scents of lumpy tapers, new square clove scented candles, buttered popcorn scent candles, gingerbread cookie scent candles, new double wick candles with cute labels, all kinds of refresher oils, (yep even gingerbread cookie and nutmeg & cream chutney...there I've said it, let the rush begin...:)) scented tea lights, car air fresheners, even snickerdoodle and so much more......Just opening the boxes smelled heavenly!!

And did I mention the new issue of Country Sampler came in today also???? :) And did I mention two big holiday orders are still to arrive???? Trees, ornaments, stockings, tree skirts and sooooooo much more!!!! ;)

My sis and I also worked most of the day painting and primming a really nice three door hutch that Jen has ordered. We hope to have it ready for her to pick up by tomorrow evening or saturday morning! :) Jen we hope you love it, we are doing our best on it!

We also painted and primmed a neat hand crafted trash bin today for another one of our fav customers Judy. She was able to pick it up before we closed this evening. Its a special Christmas gift for someone in her family!

We had several calls from husbands trying to order or pick out the right holiday gift today which are always fun! They try to sneak in unseen and pick up items and disappear before they get caught by their Mrs's......One popped in and had us to hold a couple things for him to pick up this weekend for his special lady!

I loooove this time of year! All the people trying to pick just the right thing and being able to help them do it and then keeping the holiday secrets.... what fun!!!!

We had our fav sales guy Jack stop by and visit with us today! He is always a bright spot in the day, always! What a nice guy and good friend he is!

We had a huge table arrangement picked up this evening. It was special ordered for Thanksgiving to grace a 9 ft table for a family gathering of 45 people. The arrangement was beautiful and Terry as usual did an awesome job! The family was pleased when they came to get it! I am sure they will enjoy it!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving isnt far away....which means our HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE must be coming soon....hmmmmmmmm more details will be available soon, but only to those who are on the email mailing list.....send your email to so you wont miss out!!!

Hope to see you in the shop soon, more pictures will be posted soon also!



jenn said...

Yay, I can't wait....take your time! I'm not in a huge hurry. Yet. ;-) I wish I was going to be here for Black Friday! I'll be in Wheeling. *sniff*

Deb said...


Your hutch should be ready to pick up by saturday evening...hopefully...fingers crossed....