Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessings and Prayers

Yeah I know this time of the year it just starts getting crazier and crazier sometimes we feel like we are in a frenzy trying to keep up! We have to be here for dinner, we need to go there for dinner, attend this function, spend this holiday with this part of the family, travel here, see this play, make cookies for this, make a cake for that, cook, clean, entertain...whewwww just makes me kind of tired to think about it!!!

But in the middle of all this craziness I try to think of all the people and things I am soooo thankful for in my life! My wonderful family, my supportive Hubs of two years, our three wonderful grown kids; two sons and a daughter, our first grand baby who will be two soon, my parents still with us, my sister (my left arm), nephews and in laws and extended family!

And friends like Lisa, Jeannie, Tina,Tammy, Lu, Kathy, Jake, Joanna and Emily, Jen, Amy, Patty, Jenna, Jessie and her kids, Ellen and her family and soooo many others I cant even begin to put names on them all...

The blessings of the shop and being able to do what I love doing and expressing my faith at the same time!!!! God is soooo good!

I know so many people don't have family around them, or the blessing of any job much less a job they love! Thank you God for all my blessings, I never take them for granted!!! And even though I have cooked all evening this evening and will spend most of the day tomorrow doing the same, it will be so awesome to see all the family faces around the table tomorrow breaking bread together! God is soo good all the time!

Even in the shop the last few days its been busier than usual for this time of the year but people waiting in line seem more patient more kind, or is it the season, are they feeling thankful too???? I sure wish it would last all year long!!!

Shop News-
Dont forget about our Black Friday Sale! 10- 5 Friday!!!!
We received some new consigner items this week from Jerry, out of Cross Lanes and I wanted to share pictures below...

This slender primitive cabinet is beautifully done! The finish is awesome!
This black cabinet with the Americana painted front is a nice sized cabinet. It along with being gorgeous will be a wonderful size for anyone's home! This prim wooden candle box is one of only two that came in. The first one sold before I could even tag it!

Prayer Requests-

I would like to ask that when you say your prayers you add the following to your list:

Mary Shank- My aunt, she is the wife of Charles, (my moms brother) who was severely injured a few months back in a motorcycle accident. Mary is in the hospital with pneumonia and also just had a heart cath today. The doctor reports the damage to her heart is to great to do any surgery to correct and the family knows its only a matter of time! Mary is a christian and her faith is strong, but her children and grandchildren need prayers at this time.

Mike Elliott- Mike is a local lay minister for the Presbyterian church. He and his wife Ann have lived a long time in Eleanor and are both Christians. Mike has been in ICU in Thomas recently as his cancer has come back and is spreading. They are soon to move him to hospice. Please pray for Ann also as she isn't well. Ann and I grew up just a few doors apart and have known each other all of our lives! Their son Michael and his wife have small children and are expecting again and will need all the prayers and hugs we can spare!

Larry Angle- My sister Terry's father in law has been moved from the hospital to a long term care facility where they are doing rehab and physical therapy trying to get as much use of his left side back as possible. The family has really had a time of it and they all need your prayers.

There are several silent prayer requests I would like to ask for also...God knows what they need.

I will close tonight by wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving! And I hope you too will break bread tomorrow with someone you love!


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