Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy Crazy Saturday

Well just as I anticipated today was a full on crazy Holy Cow we are Blessed Autumn Saturday in the shop!!! Loads of people in, lots of merchandise out...lots of fun... yep typical of our Saturdays... and the Fall season...

Today thank heaven my favorite nephew Drew came and ran the register for me while I spent time assisting customers in the shop and my sis Terry who wasn't feeling well, created some Autumn wreaths for awhile, then we sent her home to snuggle up with her electric blankie and sleep zzzzzz. My sisters best friend Lisa (ok so anyone who knows us knows I would arm wrestle my sister for custody of her best friend any day) came in the afternoon and provided more much needed assistance in the packed shop after my sister went home.

We had a lot of laughs today and bunch of each happened when Ellen came to pick up her vintage set of black shutters and black and white toile curtains that we were holding for her. For those of you who aren't familiar with the shop, the very tall black shutters with toile curtains on them were located behind our antique cast iron bathtub display in the back corner of the shop. Also over the bathtub hangs a low candelabra, and beside it stands an antique floor nephew Drew is over 6ft tall and to see him and I trying to get the shutters out from behind that heavy tub without him getting knocked in the head by the candelabra, or breaking the floor lamp was a riot! We managed to accidentally tip the tub on its side during the process which caused two of the back legs to come off, which pitched the tub over backwards pinning the shutters behind it, at which time I misstepped and managed to step on some consigner merchandise (which caused me to purchase it due to the crunching sound it made when I stepped on it, I don't believe thats a normal noise for hand painted gourds) and then the two of us were nearly wrestled to the floor by the teetering tub and the tall set of shutters.

OOhhh and the customers nearby were not without entertainment value on this I can assure you.... trust me on this it didn't unfold quickly or get solved quickly..... but not ones to give up the impossible task we finally managed to bring the shutters, (which had been trying to unfold from three sets of hinges the whole time), under control and out from behind the tub.

Once we got the shutters out of the shop we all realized that Ellen's Jeep would not contain them. Thankfully Patti came to our rescue with her van and made the delivery to Ellen's home.

Ellen's mama is in the hospital and not very well, so please say a prayer for her. Ellen is a dear person and its really fun getting to know her. She always manages to make us smile and laugh when she is in the shop. No wonder she has so many friends who speak highly of her.

We got to meet one of Virgie Paynes daughters today and to see Virgies smiling face sitting in the car. Its nice to see her well enough to be out and about. Glad to see our prayers being answered there! Virgie is a local business owner and one of the hardest working women Ive ever known. She retired from the county school system where she was a cook, and owns Paynes Produce in town. Her products are similar to ours in that she buys quality local merchandise whenever she can too!

We had new customers in today from Florida, and some from Belle, WV, both sets say they plan to visit again when they are in town! Its always nice to meet new people and make their shopping experience worth coming back for!

We shared laughs with many customers today, and got to know some new folks better. We have a new list of items to look for on our travels, and we made some new friends....

After closing Lisa, Drew and I began the much needed task of moving some items around in preparation for new inventory coming in, holiday decorating, and preparation for the Open House later in the month. We are trying to make the shopping experience more pleasant and the traffic patterns less crowded. So far it seems to be well received and working better for our customers, or so that's what they are telling us.

Hubs and I plan to work some more in the shop tomorrow afternoon. He is my muscle when I need the heavy guns (i.e power tools used).

Come in next week and see the changes.....won't share them all here... you will just have to see for yourself!


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