Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pondering my Blessings

Today I have been pondering....nothing like "Why is there air"or "Why is the sky blue"mind you but something someone said to me sparked a wee bit of brain straining....

A special friend shared something she recently read in a book. It said in a nutshell that if you have truly found your spot or niche that your happiness will impart happiness to those around you too. She then said she knew that I had found my spot with the shop because my customers, vendors, consigners and friends all enjoy coming into the shop and spending time there with me.

To say I'm flattered is putting it mildly, I am continually amazed by the gifts God has given me of which I consider the shop and my ability to spend the day with my sister and the friends I love, doing the things I love a blessing... I don't take these gifts lightly and I know on my own I could have never obtained them, so I am always eager and willing to share Gods love and gifts with others... so to me the happiness is like a gift I daily receive and in turn help others find.... isn't it just like God to make the giver of a gift as happy as the receiver????

Today in the shop I visited with many new people, laughed and enjoyed some of our regulars and welcomed Tina's amazing new consigned items, two of which sold right after she left. I also enjoyed welcoming the new items that Tammy brought in today. They all made us all smile and laugh too! Cant wait til more customers discover both their wonderful handcrafted items this weekend! They are sure to put smiles on many faces!
This weeks end finds me feeling very blessed but also physically weary... my family has been a bit stretched lately what with members of the family in different hospitals and family obligations. Although I am blessed beyond my ability to comprehend, my lil brown eyes are getting tired, and I am looking forward to some much needed rest with my hubby in my lil nest tonight.

Thanks to all who have continued to pray for our family members in the hospital, we appreciate you all more than you know.

We hope to see you in the shop really soon.

TTFN- and Nite Nite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S. Let me leave you with a bit of "wisdom" to ponder on..... LOL ;)

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