Monday, October 13, 2008

My House.....

At the shop when I am providing assistance to a regular or new customer trying to decorate their home and mix in the primitives along with other pieces they love, these or similar questions always come up, "Whats your home like," or "Do you mix primitives with other things at your house or even "Do you decorate like this at home?"

Well I have decided to put those questions to rest with this blog. The images contained below are random photos shot at my home to show how I mix my favorite pieces, either family heirlooms, contemporary items, collectibles, or hand crafted pieces in with my beloved prims. I hope these give you some ideas how to decorate your own home with the things you love too....

This image contains my Hubs grandmothers clock and shelve with my grandmothers Blue Willow china and other family pieces of mine on it. Its surrounded on the wall by two vintage advertisements matted and framed that came from Hubs childhood home.
This little cutie is a vintage grocery store shelf with wannabe vintage labeled cans on it.

This vignette resides on top of my Pennsylvania Dutch Oak Lowboy cabinet. It showcases some of my Cats Meow mini houses, an antique Brownie camera, a lovely Amish couple in a neat lil primmed mini bench, and a beloved Blue Willow coffeepot.

This Oak Lowboy cabinet holds my prized Blue Willow china collection which contains pieces from both my maternal and paternal grandmothers, as well as other family heirlooms. As a young woman I bartered and worked for a Pennsylvania Dutch neighbor for this cabinet and one other oak piece.
This vignette contains a more contemporary matted framed picture I love and primitive candlesticks from my shop.

This photo shows a handcrafted piece made from old ceiling tin and vintage doorknobs with a berry wreath hanging from it and a contemporary framed picture next to it.

In this picture I have used a new piece that was made to look like a primitive piece with all the vintage knobs on it. I have hung a vintage wreath with glass acorns, a primmed hand painted sign and hand dipped tapers from it.

This montage contains several prim style pieces stitched and framed without glass. They are surrounding a hand crafted shelf made from recycled barn wood.

This handcrafted glass front cabinet showcases my vintage pharmaceutical collection.

This small photo shows part of the line up on top of my laundry room cabinets. Its a mix of blue canning jars, baskets and other old and new favorites.

This photo shows a mini line of laundry and seed market sign in the laundry room.

This photo shows that though this area is very utilitarian it doesn't have to be unattractive. Even humble spuds can look good in a hand made pottery bowl.

This hand crafted cabinet showcases some of my mini's "under glass" to limit the necessary dusting! This allows some of my not so country and prim items to coexist with my prims.

Hope this blog gets your creative brain cells a whirling and you find new ways to combine the things you already have and love with new primitive home decor items!

See you soon! TTFN


Tina said...

I like everything!!
Great job

Debbie said...

Thanks much its the best I can do for now...with house hunting going on I dont want to get tooo carried away....D