Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy Week, Costumes, and Clearance Sales

So far this week has been as crazy if not crazier than last! It has been very busy, and lots of new customers have popped in the last couple days that saw our half page full color ad in one of the local papers! It was a very nice ad even if I do say so myself! And it looks as though it reached quite a few new folks who are interested in shopping with us!! Yeah!!!!

Tomorrow I get to see my beautiful and amazing grand daughter Emmy celebrate her 2nd Halloween being an adorable witch!!! That will be a special treat for me! And being Trick or Treat locally it promises to be a fun day too! I might even have to sneak out front of the shop and treat a few trick or treaters myself!!! Sounds like too much fun to miss!

Friday I believe my sis and I have decided to work in the shop in costume!!! Yep I told you it was a crazy week and getting crazier by the moment! You will have to stop in on Friday just to see what our costumes are like!

Saturday my sis will be in the shop and I will be working a booth at the Town of Eleanor's annual Craft sale. Its always one of Putnam counties best shows and I do it every year! I will have homemade chow chow, salsas, relishes, sauces and my Dads locally famous peanut butter fudge! Stop in and say hey and bring a few non perishables for the local food pantry while your at it!

Ohh and did I mention that our Annual Fall Clearance Sale begins tomorrow in the shop??? I didn't???? Well let me just tell you about it... Do you like drastic deep discounts on cute Fall merchandise???? Do you like mind boggling discounts on vintage and antique furniture??? Well then you best bring your lil ole self in and quick like before all the deals are gone!!!!!

Ohhh and I also watched the Phillie's win the pennant tonight too!
Congrats Phillie's!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week too!
See you soon!!!


Tina said...

I will be in tomorrow with my camera!

jenn said...

I wish I could be there, and you know I would if my mom weren't still here visiting....take pictures!! :-)

Debbie said...

Hey Gals come on by!!!! You can guess which witch is which for real!!!! :)