Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat at the Shop

The sweetest lil trick or treaters visited us today in the shop!!!

Three adorable lil gals are pictured below......

The first picture is my adorable lil grand daughter Emmy Jo. She is just the cutest lil witch I think I have ever seen in my entire life! Not prejudice at all am I??? She even posed below sitting in a pile of our prim pumpkins in the shop! A lil punkin in the punkin patch! I dont know about you but thats so cute its just about perfect to me!!!!

Her Daddy and Mama brought her by the shop to see her Grammy before she went out trick or treating! I heard she ate her fill of Pez candies and such while out...

I bet she was wired up from all the sweets!

Wonder what time they went to bed tonight??? tee hee

" Miss Dorothy Gayle from Kansas and her lil dog Toto" - is our own

sweet little Ryleigh Paige!

Ryleigh is one of our favorite little people that visit the shop with their mama! Getting her to pose for a picture was like trying to stop Jello from wiggling in an earthquake but with her mama distracting her I managed a few sneak pics!

This lovely candy clad doll baby is Miss Tiarah.
Her mama owns a local beauty shop.
She is just a sweetie!
She is so cute you wanna pinch her cheeks!!!

Tomorrow I hear there will be more trick or treaters in to see us so I will publish more pics later!!!

Happy Halloween my friends!!



Sherry said...

The girls all look so cute!!


Debbie said...


They were so cute you could just squeeze em!!!!


JessieMommyof3 said...

Awwww my baby girl Ryleigh Paige was the cutest Dorothy ever!!! Lil miss Tiarah was too cute in her Candy Corn dress! Thanks for sharing the pics! ~Jess

Deb said...


i have more pics of the gals drop me an email and I will send them back at ya!