Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Arrived ...Compare and Contrast

In these pictures here and below you will find two different takes on an entryway door bench.

This black one is done in pine in the primitive style, it has a wonderful smooth hand and it features a vintage door, with glass doorknob and hardware, and a shelf at the top and the bottom of the bench.

It arrived in the shop on Saturday handcrafted from Pine Knot Primitives in Hurricane. Dan and Judy don't create these door benches very often and when they bring us one it usually sells pretty fast.

You really need to see and touch this one to fully appreciate it. The finish on it is very very nice.

This entryway door bench is quite different from the other. It is made from very heavy rough lumber and has been whitewashed. It has been inset with three mirrors and the original glass panes have been removed. However, the original knobs, both on the front and the back of the vintage door have been left intact. It has a shelf on the bottom and a bit of a valance on the top.

This door came handcrafted from Ron, one of our local craftsmen in St. Albans.

This is a closeup of the painting and decorating that Terry completed on this bench in house on Saturday after it arrived.

It has a hand rubbed water base finish and should be treated with a coat of poly after purchase to help preserve the finish.

Having both of these pieces arrive at the same time will allow our customers to compare and contrast two different interpretations of the same item.

This will allow them to pick their favorite!

Whats your style????
Which one would work best with your home decor???
Which one speaks to your heart?

I would love to hear your comments on these two items...


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