Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Juggling - Tentative New Sport in the Olympics

I hope looking at the "Live action" shots below of the exclusive pumpkin juggling that took place in the parking lot at my shop make you laugh as much as they did me tonight!!!

My daughter had her arms full of mini pumpkins and was wired for sound and as you can see hilarity soon ensued...

I think the fast action pics should show you just how fast she was juggling the pumpkins and how silly the whole thing was! They aren't blurred because I shook the camera, they are blurry because she was moving so darn fast!!!!! You can see the lights of traffic moving behind her too!

Kinda looks like the cat that ate the canary don't she????

What can I say, I love the kooky crazy spontaneous kid!!!

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