Thursday, October 23, 2008


HOLEY MOLEY ...what a crazy last few days it has been!!!!!!

The hubs and I went to the mountains over the weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary...

... and view the Fall foliage......

and get a bit of rest and relaxation at our favorite B & B Breath of Heaven.... and visit our friends Geri & Ed Moser the marvelous proprietors...

We stayed in their separate cottage called the "Go Ahead Inn".....tooo cute....

The cottage was lovely, very warm and inviting....

The colors of the foliage were just breathtaking!!!!

As you can see in the pics above the color really was amazing! It was at its peak in Petersburg and surrounding areas! Just awesome!

While on this trip we drove to the top of Spruce Knob, the highest point in WV.

As denoted by our GPS below you will see just how high we really were........

Wow was the view ......over the top...... spectacular!!!

Well worth the drive and the climb to the top of the observation tower!!!!!!!

After we got back home and slipped back into our regular work routines our Internet and phone service went out at home leaving us without phone or Internet access!!! Geez how frustrating that with no way to blog??? I mean really...whats the world coming too???

In the shop this week we have managed to cram several shipments of goodies, and three new consigners items for our customers to discover at our Open House on Friday and Saturday!!!!!

You just cant believe all the neat merchandise we have had shipped in and more is due to arrive tomorrow morning!!!! It promises to be a completely over the top crazy kind of day tomorrow! We will have extra hands to help us and there will be tons of items on sale and apple cider and cookies to enjoy!

Two of our artisans Tina, decorative painter, and Tammy, prim doll maker will be sharing their gifts during the open house. They will be set up "on Lydia's Porch" in the back room. It promises to be a lot of fun having these two ladies in house!!!

These guys are all hand made and chilling out in the big ole bath tub in the back room!

I'm sure a great day will be had by all!!!!!

I have added the few new shop pics above to get you chomping at the bits.....:) You better stop in soon!!!!!

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