Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hats???....Pranks!!!...Hugs !!!....Shopping!!!......

This past week has been crazy blessed and busy! I had to wear sooo many "hats"! Even more than my usual......stock clerk, inventory foreman, janitor, refuse collector, cashier, greeter, furniture mover, gift wrapper, etc..... how about deceased feline wrangler for example?????

Yep don't want to share to many details suffice it to say feline A met its demise sadly somehow nearby and was now residing in the apartment parking lot next door, and associates B- Me and C- Tina went to the rescue and delicately removed said deceased feline from the premises so none of my customers would be uncomfortable...hmmm not exactly what I had planned on I can assure you. But it was either handle the feline or have a lot of teary customers in....

And how about prankster payback delivery person ???? Oh yeah, one adorably mischievous middle schooler pulled a funny prank on yours truly and I had to get even! LOL It was such fun, in the end Kathy, Jake, Grandma, Terry and me....we all enjoyed it!!! Thanks Jake, your the best!!! ;)

This week there were many of our old friends as well as new ones new couple came in on Saturday, he in WVU regalia, she in MU regalia...ahh yes a house divided...but they didn't lack in coming together to make the decision to buy the beautiful pie safe in the shop....when the cause was right they came together...wink... wink.... now if we could just buy her some blue and gold....hmmmmm.....

Then Cindy and Seth surprised me by popping in, that was awesome and we shared hugs all around!!! Seth is growing up wayyyyy to fast!!!!! Either that or I am getting really old....I know what your all thinking...and you can just cut it out to ....ouch lol!!!!

Just to name a few neat moments this past week......

Ellen and her lil one in the stroller popped in and we loaded a really neat tall colonial style house into her jeep while playing peekaboo with the baby, what fun! She just hosted a housewarming for one of my other favs Amy and sounds like they as well as all their guests had a great time! Kudos Ellen!

Jess, Riley Roo and Tiara have been in recently too. Its such fun to see them and love on the kiddos!!! They always get treats from the good kid basket!!!

Bruce had to come in on Saturday and pick up the huge cabinet Robin bought! What a priceless expression he had on his face when he saw it!!! She promised pictures when she gets it all set up!!!

Former classmate David I hadnt seen since high school and his lovely lady stopped in! Nice visit!!! Have I been out of school that long??? Yikes ... class of 77!!!

New consigner Renee from Cross Lanes brought her hand crafted items in, they are nice!!! Regular customer and friend Teresa steered Renee in our direction! Thanks Teresa!

Tomorrow promises to start off another wham bam holy cow hold on kind of week too! Terry, Lisa, Hubs and I all worked some in the shop today, moving, cleaning and getting ready to restock with new shipments due this next week! Terry and I will be out shopping all day tomorrow, you will have to pop in and see all the new treasures we uncover on our journey!!!

TTFN- That's Tigger speak for TA TA for Now!!!!


P.S. I'm off to chill a bit with a new found yummy...Breyers Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... this stuff should be illegal!!!! Bye for now!!!!


Kathy said...

I love reading your blog as much as I love visting your shop. It's such a fun place to be and you have truly been blessed. And......I LOVE my new table that Dan and Judy made for me.

See ya soon,

Debbie said...

One of the reasons I have been blessed is because of special friends God has brought into my life like you and Jake!

You are the blessings....

Thanks for being you and I'm sooooo glad you like your table!!!!

You gotta stop by soon we found some new treasures today and I want you to see them before they escape! You will loooove them! Bring Emily too!