Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Post

The shop doesn't usually open on Sundays but today was Putnam County's annual Homecoming Celebration with music, a parade and other happenings located in the area surrounding the Putnam County courthouse. Since the shop is located in the same area as the courthouse I took a chance and opened the shop for a few hours in the middle of the day.
Because my normal partner in crime my sis Terry wasn't able to be there today due to a golf tourney fund raiser for my nephews high school basketball team my daughter Miranda came to help. That's her smiling face at the counter below... she was loads of entertainment along with mildly helpful...tee hee just kiddin Miranda! It was fun working with her!

Along with our normal shop inventory we sold ice cold drinks to those who came to watch the parade. This proved to be a very smart idea that we will have to expand on next year! Lots of hot thirsty people watched the parade!

Today we found out that our shop was not only a fun place to shop, but a cool place out of the heat to recharge and refill before folks trekked to their cars parked at the local high school. And also a nice place to shop and visit while the traffic jam cleared out after the parade!!!

We gave out small American flags to the kids too which proved to be a hit! We will plan on doing that again too!

Tomorrow Terry and I go shopping to restock inventory sold the last few days! It has been extremely busy this week and we have lots of new items being shipped that should arrive this week too! If you haven't been in in awhile you might want to change that this week!!! We are making some more changes inside the shop this week, as I have purchased some cute displays that we will be installing and also some mums to add to our landscaping outside as well!

Stop by and see us soon!

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