Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remodeling Pictures

I promised I would try to show you a few pics of the changes we have finished in the shop this weekend and here goes...

This view is the new placement of the counter you should recognize the Swan Creek candle displaynext to it and this should give you a landmark to get a feel for where the counter is now. Much roomier and no one standing in line gets hit with the front door!

This view of the counter was taken just inside the front doorway. This shows the straight in shot of the new counter location.

This picture is the old location of the counter. It has been wallpapered and reset to double as an area that customers can use when looking at our special order merchandise catalogs and as a display area for furniture.

You can see the front window and the office door in this picture to give you landmarks.

This picture shows the new quilt display rack my hubby and brother in law built for the shop. They made it from an antique porch bannister! It looks great and functions really well! This view is from our basement storage area steps! This area is right across from the greeting card display in the small alcove next to the restroom door.

These are just a few basic pictures to show you some of the changes we have made, but more changes are coming so stay tuned!

Lots more improvements are in the works! We have been watching and listening to the needs of our customers and we are more than happy to accomodate them!

Stop by soon and see how nice the changes are!

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Tina said...

Wow!! you guys did an awesome job!
Can't wait to see it in person.