Thursday, September 11, 2008

Full To the Brim... or Our Cup Runneth Over...

Here are just a few sample pictures to give you and idea just how full our shop is.

This bench is hand crafted and just loaded with hand made primitive dolls


This handcrafted shelving being used for a display is just crammed full of needfuls for the bathroom! Shower curtains, towels, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, etc....

The mantel area is currently decorated for Fall. It is surrounded by to unique shutter sets picked up recently in Amish country and by a large pile of hand crafted pumpkins...


This antique cupboard for sale also, houses our Warm Glow candles and lumpy tapers. Lots of good scents eminate from here...

The top of the display is full of Wells Designs melamine dinnerware. This dinnerware is featured in Country Sampler magazine and is a customer favorite.
The center of the display is full of clothe napkins, placemats and unique metal napkin rings, all from Park Design or handcrafted by one of our local artisans.

The bottom of the display is chock full of country curtains, table runners, table cloths, aprons and other goodies!!!!


This western stepback cabinet was handmade locally from recycled barnwood. It is solid and heavvvvy! It is full of all kinds of stars and rusty metal treasures...

Last but not least this display is filled with all kinds of wonderfully smelling tarts and oversized lumpy votives... the tarts smell heavenly and are long lasting.....come enjoy them for yourself!
These are just some of the wonders you can enjoy when you stop in our shop!
But dont take my word for it....see for yourself!!!
Stop in soon!


BeFRuiTFuL said...

Your store looks absolutely stunning. I live many states away so I can not come to see it in person. But your pictures have given a clear view of just how wonderful your shop is.


Tina said...

Everything looks just yummy and I can't wait to get in there and shop!!! We travel home from NC tomorrow morning. I'll see ya in a week or so.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments!!!

JoEllen sorry you cant stop by the shop, would love to have you!!! Peek into the blog anytime! Thanks again for stopping by!

Tina, cant wait until you are back in town! Have requests, and have sold a ton of your things!!!