Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sneak Previews

Isn't this rustic piece gorgeous??? Its been handcrafted to resemble an antique icebox....and its just wonderful!

Its exterior was made from wood recycled from an old standing barn...the interior is all finished wood that prevents your items stored inside from splinters or snags!
Just another beautiful example of some of the unique one of a kind items from local artisans that you can find in our you wanna see more????

OK.....keep reading!!!!

This beautiful set of two chairs and round table shown here is currently in the shop. It was handcrafted locally and painted, primmed and stained in the shop.
It was created by a local artisan and modeled after pieces seen on a recent trip to Amish country in Ohio. Don't miss these! This set wont last long! The hand rubbed finish Terry put on it is to die for! The table top has a Country Gatherings exclusive design and its truly one of a kind!

Our current blog is being interrupted by breaking news...............................................

Oh my goodness... it looks as might be... yes I believe it has....oh my goodness...we've melted her!!!!!!

Lions and tigers and bears ...oh my!!!!!!

Wonder which witch...if any...we have melted.....hmmmmmm looks very might have to stop in the shop to see if a witch has come up missing....maybe reported missing my the Missing Witches Bureau??? ehhhh heee hee heee

What else could you possibly see if we stopped in the shop you might ask ???? Hmm well ...sorry not this lovely primitive blanket chest shown below... this beautiful one of a kind piece was handcrafted and painted by Terry this past week and sold before the paint even dried!!!! Sorry you missed this lovely chest! It was gorgeous! Everyone who had a chance to see it loved it!

This ghoulish trio has popped into the shop lately and they just cant wait to slip home with someone to help stir up a wonderfully unique Halloween......

Some of their friends have already slipped off to join familys of their own.......


The shop has been very busy, lots of Fall goodies, more antiques, new one of a kind items arriving daily! New in store made items! New consigners!!!

One new consigner is Kathy Beer of Kathy's Kreations. Kathy's work was formerly showcased in Sunbeam House in Barboursville, and also in Timeless Treasures formerly located in St Albans.
Her work is well known locally and all hand sewn, every stitch a labor of love! We are thrilled to have her with us!
Stop in soon to see the pieces she brought us today! With her quality and pricing her items are guaranteed to move fast!

Prayer list-
Julies sister Amy had a heart attack and a stroke this past week and she needs our prayers. She has a 6 yr old son so please pray that Mama returns to her old self soon!

Also continue to pray for Deb Hodges dad Bud. Bud is awaiting further work on an aneurysm.

Please continue to keep Linda Scantlins family in your prayers after her passing. They need your support!

Keep popping into the shop there's always something new to see! We are planning all kinds of new things for you to enjoy! We will even be making some major changes inside the store this next week so keep popping in!!!!!

Bye for now!

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