Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prayer Request Updates

Sorry for the short entry but needed to share info and really tired...

Updates on Prayer requests-

My sister Terry's father in law Larry Angle Sr., suffered a massive stroke today in CCU at CAMC General today. He hasn't fully woke up yet from the 5 bypass surgery so no one truly knows the extent of the stroke, but it doesn't seem good. He is only moving one side of his body. The cardiologist wants to operate again now but the neurosurgeon says if he does Mr Angle wont survive. His family spent every moment with him they were allowed today. Please keep praying!

My Uncle Charles Shank who was T-Boned on the motorcycle is showing some improvement today in CAMC Memorial, but its going to be a slow and arduous recovery. They still don't know if they will be able to save the one foot.

Joe Fox- Dad received two pints of blood today at Thomas Memorial Hospital and we hope this gets him back on his feet. He hasn't been really well for awhile now.

We are all exhausted from the hospital running but blessed to have them all with us. Please keep praying! We are praying that Gods will be done for all!

Much Love,


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Tina said...

Of course, I'll keep praying.
Thanks for the update.

check out my post today, I'm braggin' on ya a bit.

Love ya