Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today I did some much needed work at the shop with assistance from the Hubs and then later in the afternoon my sis Terry and her hubby came to help also.

We made some very much needed changes that will ease the traffic flow problems that we were experiencing in the entryway in the shop. Before if you remember, when several people were standing at the checkout at the same time they had to angle away from the door so as not to get bumped when someone came into the shop. That problem has now been solved! We have moved the checkout to a much better and roomier place.

Our customers will also have a place to spend time looking at our special order light, curtain, rug and furniture catalogs and swatches now. We have set up a small area in the from room for this purpose too. This will help us all!

We gals hung some wallpaper while the guys built a large quilt display on one wall that they created from an antique porch rail. It makes use of the space really well and all our current quilt supply is showcased there, hand made and factory made as well.

During the early part of the day new friends Emily & Eric from St Albans brought us a truckload of vintage 1940's windows that are awesome! We have several sizes for sale now and we will create some unique items from some of them also I am sure. Thanks to our old friend Kathy for hooking us up with Eric & Emily! Im sure we will see Emily again in the shop soon! She enjoyed her sneak preview first visit!

Tomorrow we have a design consult in Hurricane for a customer then we will return to the shop to make some more changes and give it a good cleaning before the next huge shipment comes in this week!

If I get a chance when we are done tomorrow I will post some sneak preview pics of some of the changes! But you will have to stop by to see the rest yourself!

This coming weekend is the Annual Putnam County Homecoming and we will open the shop a few hours on Sunday in the afternoon for the folks who will be attending the days events at the courthouse. Probably will be open between 11- 2 that day if you want to bring a friend and stop by!

Hope to see you all soon!


Tina said...

I can't wait to see the changes. I agree, it will make a nice spot for all your visitors to feel even more special than they already do.
I'm excited about the windows. We'll have to talk and I have been visiting galleries and shoppes here in the outer banks and have tons of inspiration to bring back home.
See you soon
much love

Debbie said...

Good to hear from you! Glad the storm didnt blow you away!

I think you will embrace the changes as much as we are! Cant wait for you to see them!

See you soon!