Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wacky, Crazy, Zany, Whoa...What a Day

Saying today was a busy one in the shop is like saying Mickey Mouse is moderately popular! I mean wow!

I arrived at the shop 30 minutes prior to opening as usual and started setting up my outdoor displays when an out of state car pulled in. Very nice lady, never been to our shop before just discovered it in passing. I turned on the lights and let her come on in while I sat everything up.

The next thing I know the parking lot is full of cars, the store is full of customers and its not even time to officially open yet! When my sis arrived around 11:00 she had to park in the side parking where the residents in the apts above park!

My breakfast was still sitting on my desk when I closed to leave the shop tonight! Golly what a blessed busy day! Lots of first timers, some repeats, and a bunch of regulars!!!! God is so good!

All the shoppers seemed excited to find I will be open from 11-2 this Sunday during the Putnam County Homecoming celebration!!!! I hope to have some samples available of some of the food items we sell also!

Some of our local artisans stopped by today, Sandra, Tammy and Tony. Two of them dropped off new items, while the third checked to see what we were low on! Its so wonderful to have these talented people creating items for our shop! Our customers love the handcrafted one of a kind items the best of all our merchandise!

We got a shipment of great mini flags, flag stoppers and flag poles in today! Fall, Halloween and other types! Too cute!!!! More shipments are coming in now weekly!!!!

Dont forget that Sunday is also Buffalo High School Basketball Boosters big fundraiser! The golf tournament will be held that day and there is still time to sign up. Just call our shop at 304-586-3311 and ask for Terry and she can set you up!

Prayer List-

Lest we forget...

Larry Angle Sr, my sister Terrys father in law has blockages in both major arteries going to his brain. One is 70% clogged the other is 90% clogged. This has caused him to have two small strokes recently. He is undergoing tests currently to see what the doctors can do about the blockages. He has never been sick before so this is a shock for the whole family. Please keep them all in your prayers, especially my brother in law, Terrys husband Larry Jr.

Virgie Payne, who owns the produce stand "Paynes Produce" in Winfield has not been feeling too well and is now in Putnam General Hospital for some tests. Please add her to your prayer list, she is 82 years old and has been a resident of Winfield for many years and was a former cook at Winfield High. She is one of the hardest working women anyone could ever know and well loved and respected in the community by all.

Deb Hodges and her son Seth, as the military prepares him to go oversees. Deb is having real trouble knowing he is leaving soon and as a momma this has to be one of the toughest things you could do. Please keep them in your prayers and give her an extra squeeze if you see her.

Take care and stop in soon!!!!

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