Saturday, September 27, 2008


This witch was brought in handmade by Tammy and it is adorable! It would be perfect on a door! Its one of a kind truly!

This sign made by Tina is so funny! We sell this verse as fast as any we get! This one wont be here long!

I mean "What if the Hokey Pokey is what its all about....huh...hmmmmm..?????

These two large pillows are all hand stitched by Kathy and just came in recently! They are very well done and overstuffed! Priced well too, wont last long!

This wooden old crow came from Renee and he is primitive to the max and ready to hang in your nest!

This painted gourd came in from Cathy and its a nice one painted with a crow and sunflowers. Apple shaped and just the right size to add to your home decor!

Remember this 7ft tall display??? Well poof.....its gone! Left the building today bound for its new home at Robins house!

This was just one of three large furniture pieces that slipped out of the shop this week!

This pumpkin faced hobo is a real scene stealer. Made by Renee he just arrived recently and is just destined not to stay long! You gotta see him!

This pumpkin faced fellow hugging his crow also by Renee is another unique item that wont last long!

The cat pillow is one of four handmade overstuffed holiday pillows by Kathy... the primitive scarecrow doll made by Tammy is an attention getter for sure! His big feet are so funny! You have to see him soon before he is gone. He is holding a stack of pumpkins made by Cindy on his lap!

These items are sitting in a ladder back chair with a handwoven rag seat! I wove the seat in blue and gold and its a nice chair for anyones home!

This pair of nearly life sized witch shoes must be seen to be appreciated also. Renee made these and we have sold all but one pair rather quickly! You better hurry in if you want this pair!

This gourd jack o lantern complete with blinking electric light came from Dottie and he is only one of two available. He is really different everyone is remarking about him.

This neat goblin face sculpted on a gourd perched on the antique bobbin was made by Dottie also. She brought only one in so chances are he will be gone lickety split!

This adorable gourd turned into an "inn" is a real cute item. Dottie created this one also. There are very few of these unique items and they wont last much longer! Several are already gone!

Dottie exhibited at the Mound Festival and is currently creating for the Lions Club show in Charleston.

"This chicks had it," lol to funny not to share. These two came from Parkersburg and their Harvest Festival. The first one went today and the other chick will fly the coop soon!

This wonderful handmade item went today. But not to worry, if you like the verse as much as we did you need to check out a handmade item Terry made today in shop! Very nice, very nice indeed!

These are but a few of this weeks new finds from consigners and our travels. Just remember if you like what you see here you have to get into the shop soon, as these are one of a kind handmade items and some of them cant be repeated!

There are many other items and more shipments are due in any day! We will be out shopping and scouring the state for more treasures on Monday!! I have already received some adorable handmade snowmen and Santa's from Barbara and Tammy that we will be sneaking out into the shop soon!

Keep checking back it wont be long till the shop just might look like Christmas!!!!!

On a personal note-

This week has been such a blessing to us in the shop. We have had so many nice customers/new & old friends to share their positive feelings about our shop and how we are running it and decorating it that the words thank you seem inadequate!

We love every minute of visiting with our customers/friends, helping them find the right items for their homes, loving on their kids, sharing our faith with them, as well as laughing together.

This shop has been my dream come true and it is such a blessing and so much fun, at times I am afraid someone will pinch me and I will wake from this dream! Being able to do what I love and making a living at it is just mind boggling sometimes!

Prayer request updates-

Larry Angle Sr.- My sister Terry's father in law has been removed from the respirator and is breathing on his own and actually talking again! He was sitting up a bit today and is trying to move his stroke damaged left side. He is getting more nutrients now and is regaining strength and even joked some with the family! The drainage tube was also removed from his bypass incision today! God is good!

Charles Shank- My uncle, they got him up out of his bed yesterday and helped him walk 4-5 steps with a walker in his room. That's absolutely monumental since just days ago they thought they would have to remove his left foot! God is good, all the time!

Joe Fox- Dad is doing better since he received two pints of blood, regaining his color and strength more everyday! He spent today watching the WVU-MU game at my house with the Hubs!!! GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS! Sorry I digress.....God is good all the time!!!! All the time God is good!!!

We are thankful for your prayers... they have worked and continue to work and we humbly request that you continue to pray for our family!

Good to see so many of you this week! Thanks again and stop in the shop soon!!!!!

There are a lot more treasures to uncover and laughs to share!

Much love!

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