Monday, September 15, 2008

Shop Crammed to the Gills-----

I have outdone myself in professional shopping mode today! I spent 12 hours just today shopping, store hopping, loading, unloading, unpacking, unwrapping, and pricing and stocking for the shop, (with loads of help from Sis Terry, bro in law Larry, other "sis" Lisa, hey they will work for pizza, who knew?????

Our front room was half to three quarters full of stacked boxes of new merchandise today ( we filled half the Fedex truck alone, not including my car completely full too trunk and backseat) and we managed to price and put away all of it tonight!!!!!

We hid a few peices of holiday merchandise for later but all the rest was priced and put on shelves and sprinkled throughout the shop!!! Our customers will be blown away when they stop in this week!

I am so happy to have all the neat new stuff!!!! Cant wait till some of our regulars find the new goodies!!!! It will be so much fun watching them shop!!!

All I have to say is hurry in dont wait!!! You snooze, ooops you lose!!!

Ohh and thats not all.......more shipments are coming!!!! I love this time of the year, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and THAT holiday....ohhh the blessings....the marvelous wonderful blessings!!!!

Come by soon!!!!

On a serious note-

Please pray for the Tolley family at the loss of "Grandma Tolley".

Pray for the family of Violet Parkins. Violet was killed this evening in a car accident.

Pray for the Sam Harrison family on the death of Sammy also.

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Gillian said...

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