Friday, September 5, 2008

Going, Going , Gone or Another Nice Day in the Neighborhood

So you were gonna pop into the shop this weekend... and buy this unique "Vintage" piece of artwork made by one of our local artisans from a vintage shutter and circa 1920 newspaper clippings were you?

Oops Wrong...... it sold today!

Maybe you decided this weekend would be the perfect time for you to take this vintage metal baby bed home with you to love huh?

Nope, wrong again my friend, it sold to a doll collector yesterday!

So you got a quick chance to see this gorgeous hand painted one of a kind chair this week and you said,

"Oh my gosh I have to go to Country Gatherings on Saturday and pick that up before someone else snaps it up,"

..........ahem well it looks like you waited a wee bit to long on it too I'm afraid!

In fact I think I could have sold it 7-9 more times today alone!!!!

These and many other unique items were snapped up this week in the shop! Like I tell all my customers new and old, a lot of our items are one of a kind, either vintage finds or handmade items and they don't stay around long!!!

Please don't make the mistake of waiting to buy that something special that caught your eye the last time you visited the shop or it may be to late! I hate to see the disappointed look on someones face when they come back to pick up that wonderful one of a kind item they saw on their last visit and its gone.

There are also new items arriving every week. Today we brought in a shipment of candles, and potpourri refresher oils and some neat vintage finds and we will be bringing in more tomorrow.

Next week we will be receiving a HUGE load of Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more items......including some shhhhhh....items for THAT HOLIDAY!!!! ;)

We have made lots of new friends this week as well as visited with many of our regular customers/ friends and its been another blessed one! Its sooo nice to meet new customers who say they have been referred by others, as well as visit again with our regulars.

This next week all of our customers should see some more surprises in the store in the way of some structural and display changes too! We will be working on some traffic flow problems, setting up an area for you to be able to look at catalogs and place special orders and addressing a crowded entry way as well! I think you too will appreciate the changes!

Stop in the shop soon to say hello or pick up that wonderful item that's just perfect to complete your home! Dont wait!!!!


Tina said...

Wow! I feel so blessed to be in your store. Thanks for representing my work so well.
Love ya,

Debbie said...

Your beautiful work sells itself, not much in the way of marketing needs done by me!

Take care at the beach and come back all rested and refreshed!

See you next week!