Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Items to Share and Request for Prayers for My Family

Just a few quick pics of new items that have arrived this week.

Does anyone else remember the "Can Stools"? My grandmother used to make them, and so did Lisa's. Lisa is a dear friend, sister if you don't count blood and she made this adorable piece of nostalgia and its on consignment in the shop. You have to see it! Let me know if your grandma made these too.

This lamp arrived this weekend on consignment, it was made by Michael one of our consigners. It is made out of recycled corrugated tin and its a big lamp! He even punched holes in the shade so that the Big Dipper would shine on your wall.
You gotta see it!

This handmade stitched pillow was purchased in Parkersburg this weekend at their 46th annual Harvest Festival. I purchased it and a few other unique ones to put in the shop. The work is wonderful and the pillow is put together very well, they wont last long.

This Old Glory pillow was also purchased in Parkersburg this weekend. Its a big pillow and it is awesome! I bet you it wont last until the weekend in the shop!

This large gourd with the cute raccoon face came in today from Cathy, one of our consigners. She does the cutest raccoon faces, and its another item that will sell quick!

Cathy's crow gourd sold Saturday! They don't last long!


This amazing plate stand was purchased, handmade by a lady in Parkersburg named Eve Adkins and it is wonderful. It isn't like any I have seen or had in the shop in the past and it got several serious looks today so it wont be hanging around long I'm sure.

Its now standing where the double door grey icebox style cabinet stood until Saturday when it sold!

This cute bucket full of candy corn bowl fillers also was picked up in Parkersburg this weekend and they are just to cute for words! There are only a few of them and they have been primmed and grunged and are toooo cute!

This primitive pear grungy bowl fillers were made by Tammy our resident doll maker and they smell as good as they look! You have to see and touch them to appreciate them.

These are just a few of the new items and a new consigner is coming on board this week. Don't miss out!

Prayer Lists-

On a serious note my family needs your prayers. Three members of our family are currently in need of prayer;

Joe Fox- My Dad, who will be in Thomas Memorial in the morning receiving two pints of blood. He has been losing blood for awhile and more tests will follow. He is on blood thinners after having a heart attack a few years back and he has trouble with blood loss from time to time, but this is the first time in two years that he has been bad enough to need blood.

Larry Angle, Sr- My sister Terry's father in law- He will be undergoing an emergency quadruple bypass in the morning at CAMC Memorial. A heart catheterization this morning found five blockages. He has had two small strokes recently, is undergoing wound care for a cut on his leg which has allowed a staph infection into his body, both of his carotids are almost totally blocked, he has five major heart blockages and an aneurysm in his stomach. All of this has just showed up in tests recently, he had never felt sick or been under doctors care in the past. Please pray for his recovery as he is scheduled to undergo surgery on the carotid blockages in a few days also.

Charles Shank- My moms 71 year old brother was T-boned on his motorcycle two days ago near Patrick Street and is in the Trauma unit at CAMC General. He has already had two surgery's on a foot they are trying to save, he has a broken nose, messed up eye, 2 damaged vertebra, a lot of skinned areas that will need grafting and other injuries. The healing process will be long and difficult and at home he is caregiver for his wife who undergoes dialysis three times a week, is blind, and has diabetes. Please pray for the family.

Thank you for praying for my family, we have faith that Gods will will be done. Please feel free to share these prayer requests with anyone else.

Much love to you all.



Genny said...

Prayers for all your family members. Lots of goodies you got there love the candy corn :)

Debbie said...


Good to hear from you, long time no see on your blog. Understand what you are going thru been there done that, got the tshirt and the hat...... finally found Mr Right less than 2 years ago! You go girl!!!!

Email me your mailing addy (countrygatheringsdeb@yahoo.com)and I might just ship you some candy corn!